#IKSTQW2018 & #NAM2018 (🇬🇧 Version)

Le meilleur du Wushu et du Qigong pour la 4ème fois en France

#IKSTQW2018 & #NAM2018 (🇬🇧 Version)

International Wushu & Health Qigong Workshop
📅 27th-31st October 2018
➡️ Rouen, Normandy 🇫🇷

Dear friends of Chinese Martial Arts,

Please be aware of this International Workshop at Rouen in Normandy 🇫🇷 ➡️ Not to be missed!

ℹ️ Come attend this awesome training led by Masters and Champions from 🇨🇳 “Chinese Wushu Association” and “Chinese Health Qigong Association” For the 4th time in 🇫🇷 my friends from ACSEC and I are organizing that exceptional and unique event that will bring together the 4 major disciplines:
✅ Kungfu ✅ Sanda ✅ Taiji ✅ Health Qigong

The Best of Wushu and Health Qigong for the 4th time in 🇫🇷 ➡️ Made for Sharing!

International Workshop 2018
Kungfu | Sanda | Taiji | Qigong

📅 Dates

From Saturday 27th to Wednesday 31st October 2018

🔍 Program

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🌍 Venue

Sport Hall INSA Rouen
160 Avenue Galilée
76800 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray 🇫🇷

📝 Registration

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The Night of Martial Arts

📅 Dates

Saturday 27th October 2018

🔍 Program

✅ A great evening featuring international masters and athletes, with the exceptional presence of the Chinese Wushu Association and the Chinese Health Qigong Association, where experts and champions will present the Best of Kungfu, Sanda, Taiji and Health Qigong.

✅ A large number of martial arts disciplines will be presented: Kungfu Shaolin • Lion Dance • Dragon Dance • Karate • Body Karate • Kendo • Kobudo • Wushu • Sanda • Taekwondo • and other surprises!

🌍 Venue

40 Rue de Lillebonne
76000 Rouen 🇫🇷

🎫 Booking

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